Muffle Furnaces

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Yamato’s muffle furnaces give you peace of mind.

We want you to make smarter decisions at work. That’s why we designed our muffle furnaces to give you security in performing your applications. Our muffle furnaces are highly programmable. They are equipped with durable, energy-saving materials and dozens of safety features. With these units in your lab, you can confidently perform tests or heat your materials with ease. No contamination. No degradation, even with repeated use. Just uniform, safe, and accurate high-temperature heating for your most demanding applications.

Excellent anti-contamination heating.

Yamato’s muffle furnace chamber doors are durable and provide a tight seal to lock heat securely within the unit. Depending on the model, a unit can take a minimum of 60 minutes to 90 minutes to reach the maximum temperature. Not only that, our high-performance programmable muffle furnaces are designed with alumina fiber plates which cover the entire inner furnace chamber tightly, thus, heaters are not exposed to any samples in the chamber preventing sample contamination.

High-temperature accuracy and stability.

Both of our Standard Lab Muffle Furnaces and High-Performance Programmable Muffle Furnaces have easy-to-use controllers for better precision and accuracy. They also come with premium R-thermocouple sensors, which have a higher percentage of extremely anti-corrosive Rhodium material. These sensors can handle both low and extremely high temperature applications. With these, you’ll have a longer-lasting, highly functional muffle furnace at your workplace.

Security for you and your work.

Don’t sacrifice progress for safety. Yamato’s muffle furnaces are equipped with heaps of safety features. Our units have self-diagnostic functions, calibration off-set, lock function, auto-recovery after power failure, earth leakage breaker, and an automatic overheat prevention device. Our high-performance muffle furnaces come with an independent overheat prevention device.

As you can see, our muffle furnaces are designed to give you peace of mind, whether you’re heating ceramics or testing your materials’ characteristics. So, don’t compromise your work and your safety. Invest in Yamato’s muffle furnaces. Get the peace of mind that you need to succeed at work.